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Friday, 19 June

The Glazer Gatekeeper

A decade after the controversial takeover of Manchester United by the Glazer family, Gorkana sits down with the man responsible for managing the communications for six of those tumultuous years, Tehsin Nayani.




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THE TIMES (London)

Monday, 20 April

Ian King: The inside story on the big game behind-the-scenes to win United

“Tehsin Nayani had a ringside seat... A former financial journalist with FT TV, CNBC and Reuters, Mr Nayani handled public relations for the Glazers before, during and after the takeover and has now written of his experiences. The Glazer Gatekeeper, a book chronicling events at Old Trafford between 2004 and 2010, will fascinate sports fans.”


Thursday, 16 April

Working for Manchester United's secretive billionaire Glazers

“As he explains in his new book to coincide with the tenth anniversary of their takeover; while ageing family patriarch Malcolm was the figurehead for the owners, day-to-day running of the club was in the hands of his sons, headed by Joel... "A phrase that I repeatedly use, is to describe Joel Glazer as measured. I have dealt with hundreds of business leaders in my career, and he was constantly calm and assured under pressure," he says. Indeed, so unassuming seemed the brothers that he dubbed them "middle-class billionaires" who would "not have looked out of place at a chartered accountants' convention"”



Friday, 17 April

Man Utd owners not 'ogres' says their former PR man

“Tehsin Nayani has detailed his six-year relationship from 2005 to 2010 with the secretive family, who have not given an extensive interview in almost 10 years, in his book 'The Glazer Gate Keeper'... So close was Nayani to events involving United, he witnessed Sir Alex Ferguson sitting on a silver crate in the breakfast room of United's team hotel in Moscow in 2008 "grinning like a Cheshire Cat" knowing it contained the Champions League trophy won against Chelsea the previous night... In putting together his 323-page account, Nayani went through thousands of cuttings, emails and text messages, plus his own recollections of the unique access he had.”


Tuesday, 12 May

Man Utd: 10 years of the Glazers - is Old Trafford club better off?

"That stance is reinforced by Tehsin Nayani, who spent six years as the Glazers' official spokesman. "There was never any financial barrier to Sir Alex Ferguson," said Nayani."




Thursday, 16 April

Nicholas Mendola: Book from former Manchester United big wig gives glimpse into notoriously-private Glazer family

“Nayani was in charge of communicating with the press and investors in regards to Manchester United’s financials, which was a great source of consternation for supporters who didn’t foresee the Glazers’ shoring up United’s debt any time soon... For United supporters, surely the book could be a must-grab, open-minded or not, and for pain or pleasure. I don’t pretend to be well-acquainted with the inner-workings of the family nor United, but theirs is an interesting relationship.”




Tuesday, 12 May

'Family values remain intact at United', says author of new Glazer book which lifts the lid on their ownership story so far

"Family values haven’t been lost at Manchester United since the Glazer takeover and success should be judged on trophies won and commercial success. That's the view of Tehsin Nayani, who served the Glazer family between 2005 and 2011 as press spokesman and advisor in relation to their ownership of Manchester United. Mr Nayani, 47, has just released The Glazer Gatekeeper, a 323-book billed as an an authoritative, honest and intimate account of Manchester United during a historic period for the club. He told the M.E.N. there has been a surge of interest in football ownership since the £800m Glazer takeover of United in 2005. “Yes Sir Alex was a genius but I think the Glazers should be given credit for trusting Sir Alex, not interfering like so many owners seem to at so many other clubs, and also giving him money to spend," said Mr Nayani. "United’s family values haven’t been lost at all since the Glazer takeover and that success should be judged on trophies won and commercial success." Mr Nayani, who now lives in Norwich, said he feels extraordinarily privileged to have been in the thick of it for as long as he was at United, which led to him writing the book with a sense of wonder."




Wednesday, 15 April

REVEALED: Manchester United takeover protests left the Glazer family 'unruffled' as they focused on returning club to the top... ex-spokesman lifts the lid in new book

“A rare insight into Manchester United's unpopular owners has lifted the lid on how they run the club. The man who spent six years as spokesman for the Glazer family has written an enlightening account of his time with the Manchester United chiefs. Tehsin Nayani's book, 'The Glazer Gatekeeper: six years speaking for Manchester United's silent owners', challenges popular perception about the US bosses who succeeded in a debt-burdening £800m takeover in 2005.”


Tuesday, 12 May

Manchester United and the Glazers: 10 years on from the takeover and the mystery surrounding American owners remains

"Tehsin Nayani may well have had a serious claim to being owner of the best job in the world. Spokesman for those who do not speak, he was the Richard Wright of the PR world. Nayani, through no fault of his own, added little to change the public perception of his former bosses. He told the world the Glazers were not 'ogres', that Joel used the word 'football' instead of 'soccer' (hurrah!) and that they were never that bothered about threats from fans – even when they banged furiously on the doors as they arrived at Old Trafford for the first time."


Thursday, 16 April

Charles Sale: Insider's United secret

“Tehsin Nayani, who acted as a PR spokesman for the Glazer family, has chosen the upcoming 10th anniversary of their Manchester United takeover to write a book about his six seasons as the Glazer Gatekeeper. Nayani has kept the book – more PR media study than revelationary and published on Thursday by business in sport specialists TH Media – a secret from Old Trafford. Nayani said: 'I deliberately kept a lid on it because I didn't want it authorised in any way by United. It's a personal account and I have no idea what reception it will get.”



Thursday, 16 April

Glazer family ignored protests from Man United fans, says insider

“Manchester United's owners were unconcerned by supporters who chorused "Die Glazer, die" in the early years of their ownership, according to an insider. Tehsin Nayani served as a spokesman for the reclusive American Glazer family until 2010 and has written a book entitled "The Glazer Gatekeeper: six years speaking for Manchester United's silent owners."



Sunday, 10 May

Fans truce marks Glazers' 10th anniversary at United

"A recently published book "The Glazer Gatekeeper" by their former spokesman Tehsin Nayani gives the Glazers' side of the story, despite an opening sentence that reads: "The Glazers may not be the ideal owners of Manchester United."  In the following 300-plus pages he attempts to argue why they are.  Even the Glazers’ most die-hard opponents acknowledge that United have won silverware under their ownership, including five Premier League titles and a Champions League crown in 2008."


Tuesday, 12 May

Ten years to the day after Glazers' Manchester United takeover they seem to finally be loosening the purse-strings

"Tehsin Nayani, spokesman for the Glazers for six years, has written a book on his experiences working for United’s owners, The Glazer Gatekeeper, and claimed they will not be walking out on Old Trafford any time soon. “From day one, Joel Glazer stressed ‘marathon, not a sprint’,” said Nayani. “I’m sure the Glazer family will remain long-term owners of Manchester United.  I hope fans who read the book will be reassured that the Glazers always provided Sir Alex with the money to invest in the squad. It was always Sir Alex’s decision what he spent, which he did wisely enough to win a series of major trophies.”"


Tuesday, 12 May

Henry Winter: Glazers at Manchester United - arrival of American brothers has eroded family values in football

"Those who have been close to the Glazers argue that they are “not ogres but a down-to-earth close-knit family”, in the words of Tehsin Nayani, their former spin doctor in his new book The Glazer Gate Keeper."


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bjarte Valen: Glazer-familiens budbringer

LONDON: I seks år snakket Tehsin Nayani på vegne av Glazer-familien. Nå snakker han med oss.

UCFB students gain insight into life at Manchester United under the Glazers from Tehsin Nayani

Tes Nayani, one of the most significant operators at the heart of Manchester United’s global business operations in recent history, gave UCFB Burnley students a truly unique insight into the workings of a footballing giant this past semester. A seasoned public relations and communications professional and a central figure under the Glazer family ownership of Manchester United for six years, Tes’ work underpinned the successful growth in the club’s commercial partners worldwide. The public relations guru was responsible for advising on the club’s financial communications, delivering Manchester United’s global commercial PR strategy and initiating media relationship building during the club’s overseas tours to Asia, North America, the Middle East and South Africa. Aside from his stay at United, Tes has a strong portfolio of working within international organisations, and was able to provide students with advice for during and beyond their journey at UCFB.


MBA Alumnus Tehsin Nayani launches first book

3 June

Cranfield School of Management MBA alumnus (1999), Tehsin Nayani, has launched his first book, The Glazer Gatekeeper, which recounts six fascinating years of a particularly controversial period of time for Manchester United. As well as an insight into the business workings of the football club the book provides a communications case study for anyone interested in going into business.