The Glazer Gatekeeper offers a unique insight into
the business of Manchester United...

Countless words have been devoted to the Glazers’ ownership of the world’s most iconic football club, Manchester United. Most, if not all, have relied on supposition and speculation rather than fact.

For the very first time, the Glazers' spokesman for six years, Tehsin Nayani, places on record how the owners and club hierarchy went about running Manchester United.

The Glazer Gatekeeper is an authoritative, honest and intimate account of Manchester United during a historic period for the club.

The 323-page book provides unprecedented access to the club's business: its dealings with the world's media and its pioneering efforts to grow commercial and sponsorship revenues. The Glazer Gatekeeper also serves up plenty of colour as it details life on the road during the summer global tours as well as the club's inner workings including its trophy celebrations. It also picks over the constant controversies that dogged United’s off-the-pitch affairs against a backdrop of astonishing footballing success.

Unauthorised and written independently, without the cooperation of the Glazers or the club, Tehsin Nayani vividly recalls his day-to-day dealings with the Glazer family, Manchester United and the pursuant global press pack amid an ever-changing football and business environment.

The Glazer Gatekeeper is a must-read for anyone craving an insight into the workings of a top sports club - indeed, cultural institution - at the peak of its global powers.


Joel Glazer (left) and Tehsin Nayani, with the Premier League and Champions League trophies

Moscow, 22 May 2008